Current Exhibition ‘Exposure to the Elements’ 

Artwork by Clarence Valley Artists Tony Belton & Jeff Keyes.

September & October 2018

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“Exposure to the Elements”

“Jeff and Tony’s photography, sculptures and art installations are a result of a deep understanding and observation of all things natural. Both Jeff and Tony have lived and breathed the bush for a great part of their lives and this is reflected in their works. Jeff and Tony have had a long and enduring fascination of everything natural, encompassing the insect and animal world, the trees, vegetation and the elements and its relation to the universe”
“The 5 Traditional Elements of Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal affect every fibre of our being, and of our environment.
The elements create the subtle textures, colour and patina of everything we see in the natural world. Even man-made things that are exposed to the elements, inevitably and eventually break down giving us an impressive colour palette and array of textures that enrich anyone that chooses to see and appreciate this process!
Stone, wood and metal are all carved or etched by the elements. The elements shape the character of our day to day lives- when we go out, where we go.
A fisherman or a farmer, for example, might not have a choice and this is often reflected in their hands and face weathered by the sun, the water and wind.
There is a certain beauty in that- like a gnarly tree trunk or weathered rock or a rusty iron wheel!”

Tony Belton 2018